Welcome to the official website of the Muskegon Regional Police Pipes and Drums. The band is located in and around Muskegon County in West Michigan, USA. The members include both police and non-police personnel.

The band plays at a variety of different events from memorials, to parades, to concerts and coming soon competitions. As a service to our community and to the larger law enforcement and public safety communities we perform at police/fire memorials or supply pipers to play at police/fire funerals. In either case our presence is pro bono in gratitude for the services and heroism employed by these public safety personnel daily and for the continued support of our efforts. We schedule performances and parades to help provide ourselves with the necessaries to maintain the band in conjunction with the support of our sponsors. We also accept donations.

To learn more about our band and its members please continue through our website and enjoy. We hope that you visit often (as there will always be changes), see us in concert, on parade, or in competition and help us celebrate the music and traditions of our Gaelic heritage.

Also visit the City of Muskegon Police Department!


History of the Band

The band was formed 2002 in Muskegon, Michigan. It was renamed in 2004. We perform in many functions and special events throughout West Michigan and beyond. The band includes both police and non-police persons in the spirit of highland music and culture.

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Celtic History

Scottish Cave Dwellers

“In August 1866, along with two friends, I visited the great cave at the south side of Wick Bay. It was nine at night, and getting dark when we reached it. It is situated in a cliff, and its mouth is close to the sea. Very high tides, especially with north-east winds, reach the entrance and force the occupants to seek safety in the back part of the cave, which is at a somewhat higher level than its mouth.

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Interested in Joining us?

 Do you have any interest in learning the bagpipes or highland style drumming? Are you currently an accomplished drummer or piper and want to get involved in a band. Learn more about instruction and joining our Pipes and Drums.

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