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Becoming a Band Member

Have you always had an interest in bagpipes or drumming? Are you already an accomplished piper and/or drummer? We would love to hear from you in either case. We are always looking for interested individuals to continue to join our ranks of musicians. You do not have to be Scottish or a police officer to be in the band; age, race, creed are not even a factor. As long as you can devote time to practice, go to practices and be brave enough to wear the kilt in public we want to hear from you.

From It's inception the Muskegon Regional Police Pipes and Drum band has focused on teaching and promoting Highland Culture. We teach a variety of levels from the absolute novice to accomplished musicians.

Band Practice night is actually band rehersal night. It is geared towards working collectively on ensamble and corps integration. Band practice is not normally used to teach students. Some of our more seasoned pippers and drummers offer private lessons for half hour and hourly fees.

If you would like to arrainge for lessons, please contact our Pipe Major, Gerry Dibble by email.

At this time we offer instruction in Great Highlands Bagpipes and Drumming. We do have members that play other Celtic insturments and may offer lessons in those areas.

For those interested in Drumming Instruction please contact Pete Walen.

What Do I Need to Start Lessons

Initially, you will need a practice chanter and a lesson book. Your instructor will let you know the specifics of each and give you recommendations on where to purchase them. As you progress, a second lesson book is needed.

When you are proficent with your instrument and join the band; you will need a uniform.

The uniform costs about $800.00 The inital issue is of no cost to you and consists of kilt, uniform shirt (both long and short sleeved), tie, pipe bag cover/cords, cap badge,Patch drum/harness, music, and reeds.

You are required to provide "personal items." These include; shoes (ghillie brouges or military black low quarters), Glengarry (black for pipers and diced for drummers), Great Highland Bagpipes (pipers), sticks/mallets (for drummers), Inverness Cape (black), kilt belt/buckle, 1 pair of white and 1 pair of lovat blue hose.

Please note that instruction is oriented towards those individuals that intend to commit to joining the band when proficient with their instrument. We do not train members for other bands or soloists. Instruction is provided by other band members for a fee. The bottom line here is: instruction is not free.