Band Tune List

Parade tunes:

4/4's: Welcome the Royal Irish Regiment, Craigs of Tumbledown Mountain, Wings and The March of Champions Supreme.
2/4's: High Road to Gairloch, Mari's Wedding and Barren Rocks of Aden
6/8's: Bonnie Dundee and The Steam Boat

Competition Set:

The Inner Guard, The Pikeman's March, When the Battle's Over and Shoals of Herring

Other sets:

3/4's: Balmoral, Castle Dangerous and Green Hills of Tyrol, The Road to Passchendael
4/4's: Murdos Wedding, Scotland the Brave and The Rowan Tree
4/4's: Wearing of The Green, The Minstrel Boy and Kelly the Boy from Kellane
9/8: The Mingulay Boat Song
6/8: Bonnie Dundee and The Steam Boat
4/4's The Pikeman's March, The Battle of Waterloo, Leaving Liverpool
4/4: The Hills of Argyle
6/8 jig: Minnie Hynd
4/4: At Long Last, Flett from Flotta

Dueling bagpipe tunes (jigs, reels and hornpipes)

Itchy Fingers, The Silver Spear, Burton the Rover, The Clumsy Lover, The Glayva Kid The Shetland Reel, Kelsey's Wee Reel, Rocking the Cradle, The Pumpkin's Fancy Sandy's New Chanter, The Mason's Apron, et al..........